Friday, August 6, 2010


Well ACE has begun once again. Unfortunately, I was working during registration so I only am signed up for two classes this round. The only reason I got into those two classes is because I was automatically enrolled when I took the prerequisite for them. So this quarter I will be taking Life (Discovery Video Series) and Modern Marketing II. It will be nice to lighten up the load for the summer quarter, so I am not too bummed.

The computer class is going great. I am one chapter from being completely finished while the rest of the class is about 25% done. I can work on other programs and more resumes for the inmates going home along with continuing to help the teacher (an inmate) with the students.

Otherwise, the weather has been great and my allergies have finally subsided along with my third cold of the year. I am now participating in an intense work out class 5 days a week, which has been tough. Soon enough, I should be getting a job change off the serving line out to the dining room to wipe tables or sweep. Many kitchen workers do this when they are 6 months from the door or less. They call this the 'retirement plan' because instead of working three times a day, you only work once a day. That way I can do more running in the morning and I don't have to leave the workout class early on the days that I work. Besides, being on the line is a tad stressful because everyone blames you for their small portions, or if they don't like the piece of cake/fruit/chicken/etc. That shit is annoying and I can do without it.

Well, that's all. Things are moving along spectacularly. Soon enough, I will be out of here and on to the next phase of this process.